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ChumBallz Advantages Over Traditional Bait and Chum Products:

EffectiveProprietary time release mechanism

Improves overall quality of eco-system Long

Stronger attractant properties

Patent Pending Process

100% Eco-Friendly

term health benefits

Extended shelf life 


Longer range 

More Fun



•Create feeding frenzy but do not satisfy the fish’s appetites– keeps them in the area homing in on the smell and taste. 


•ChumBalls sink and dissolve through complete water column - optimum rate of release to attract more fish at all depths 


•Detoxified Seaweed and kelp incorporated into ChumBalls acts as underwater plant food


•Detoxified seaweed and kelp helps plant life recover from toxins deposited by industry – help to eliminate brown tides – all natural/biodegradable product – safe for the eco-system


•Over time ChumBalls will reduce toxins in the fish we catch and eat meaning safer, healthier meal options for our children and families. 


•Effervescent process allows contents to be preserved without refrigeration. 


•Effervescent ChumBalls do not smell and are dry to the touch until they make contact with water – no mess or clean up required


•Releasing agent creates bubbles under the water when ChumBalls dissolve attracting the attention of the fish


•Fish powder/product used in the ChumBalls  is not from concentrate - 100% pure and toxic free – safe and proven more successful in attracting fish


•Can be purchased in advance and stored at home - easily transportable from land to water – takes the mess and fuss out of the chumming process – attract more people to the activity


•Patent pending design allows ChumBalls to be dispensed from a Chum Lure. ChumBalls can be dispensed into the current from a distance can be used more effectively from the shore when casting a line


•Introduction of the new element – The Chum Lure and ChumBalls combined are a new and fun way to fish and will attract people that have not fished before  - especially women and children – an outdoor activity the whole family can enjoy

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