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Going GreenER

Our planet is heading towards a state of emergency, It’s 2022 and we can no longer deny we are in trouble. GreenKaps is concerned, not only with a great fishing experience now, but one for decades to come. That is why we pledge to make all of our products user friendly, functional, and eco-friendly. We are going “GreenER”. Going green, emergency room style. When you are desperate, in need of medical care, you go to an emergency room for help, our world is working too hard to sustain us, it has become sick, it needs our global emergency room help.

GreenKaps only uses natural ingredients in our chum products. We believe we should not pollute our waters, after all, we want to be able to safely eat the fish we are catching. Our goal is to not only provide a fun, successful fishing experience, but to leave behind only beneficial nutrition to help our water’s eco-system. We are conducting research to determine ways to provide the best environments in our waterways that will encourage proliferation of our fish, shellfish, and reefs. Aaron and his team are looking to the future, creating new and innovative products to ensure that fishing remains an enjoyable pastime for generations to come. Stay tuned to learn about our GreenER developments.

GreenKaps pledges to support companies that believe as we do, creating a better world for our children. One of the wonderful companies we have had the privilege of joining forces with is Maryhaven Center of Hope. This organization provides jobs to special needs individuals, they are packaging, labeling and sealing all of our Chum Ballz bottles. 

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