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Revolutionary Technology

Through scientific innovation GreenKaps has developed a highly concentrated attractant product that is clean and dry to touch and has minimal smell. Our Chum Ballz are stored without refrigeration for years, and are small and lightweight for easy transportation. Made with only natural ingredients already found in our waters, fishermen can get an amazing advantage without worry of harming the fish they are looking to catch and eat!

Effervescent Formula


Freeze-Dried Seafood Powder

Kelp Powder

The round shape cuts through wind to allow the Chum Ballz to be launched to a target area.

 The Chum Ballz

Our Chum Ballz are the first ever pharmaceutically made chum product on the market. They are made of potent fish attractants, freeze-dried and compressed into a small, round ball. Our natural concentrated formula creates a feeding frenzy without satisfying the fish’s hunger, increasing your chance of a catch. Pair with our Chum Lures for an optimal fishing experience surfcasting or kayak fishing. The Chum Ballz will dissolve as the lure is pulled slowly in, releasing a tempting chum slick behind it. When not using a Chum Lure, throw 3-5 Ballz in the area of your hook, within five minutes the Chum Ballz have dissolved, sinking up to 150 ft. and effervescing upwards, covering the entire water column, as much as 500 gallons of water. The tiny bubbles attract the fish with their movement, the smell of the bait draws them in. Unlike conventional chum however, only tiny particles are released, the fish remain hungry and attack the most tempting thing they find, your bait!

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