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Let’s face it, there is no way to easily and cleanly conventionally chum for fish. Chumming requires preparation by chopping up fish; guts and blood and stink everywhere…Conventional chum also needs refrigeration and takes up a lot of precious space.


GreenKap Corp. to the rescue! Chum Ballz are the world’s first mess free chumming system, designed to give anglers a real competitive advantage while fishing. Chum Ballz incorporate natural attractant powders pressed into a convenient dry ball you can fit inside our Chum Lure or throw right into the water next to your hook.  This significantly improves the chumming process and brings the fish right to you, whether you are on the shore or in a boat. 



, The ONLY product on the market that

allows you to handle chum with your

bare hands & NO MESS!

-Aaron Kapner

What Are ChumBallz?

Effervescent Formula

Concentrated Seafood Powder, Kelp Powder

  • Convenient

  • Fun

  • Highly concentrated attractant formula

  • Clean and dry

  • Small, lightweight Package for easy transportation

  • Extended shelf life

  • No refrigeration needed

  • Using Chum Lure or throwing/dropping in the water, attractant is right at the hook

ChumBallz Advantages:


• Creates feeding frenzy without satisfying the fish. Keeps them in your area searching for something to feed on.


• Chum Ballz sink up to 150 ft. and dissolve, effervescing upward, releasing tiny bubbles and chum, attracting fish at all depths


• Kelp particles sink to the bottom, providing nutrients to underwater life


• Natural formula is eco-friendly.


• Less mess, easy to use, store and transport, increasing fun for the whole family 


• Effervescent process allows contents to be preserved   without refrigeration. 


• Effervescent ChumBalls do not smell and are dry to  

  the touch  until they make contact with water – no  

  mess or clean up required


• Releasing agent creates bubbles under the water  

  when ChumBalls dissolve attracting the attention of  

  the fish


• Fish powder/product used in the ChumBalls  is not

  from concentrate - 100% pure and toxic free – safe

  and proven more successful in attracting fish


• Can be purchased in advance and stored at home -

  easily transportable from land to water – takes the

  mess and fuss out of the chumming process – attract

  more people to the activity


• Patent pending design allows ChumBalls to be  

  dispensed from a Chum Lure. ChumBalls can be

  dispensed into the current from a distance can be

  used more effectively from the shore when casting a  



• Introduction of the new element – The Chum Lure

  and ChumBalls combined are a new and fun way to

  fish and will attract people that have not fished

  before  - especially women and children – an outdoor

  activity the whole family can enjoy

ChumBallz in ACTION!

ChumLure in ACTION!

Chum Enters

Water Column


& Sinks

Chum Slick

Attracts Fish

With every other chumming method available, you have to touch something gross that leaves you smelling gross. ChumBallz have absolutely NO SMELL until they are dispensed and can be handled directly with dry hands. You simply drop them in the water, place them in our Scent Lure and cast them with the fishing line, or load them into our ChumShooter and fire them out into the water! When they hit the water they begin to sink and disperse, releasing a highly concentrated solution of natural chum oils.  As they sink, ChumBallz create an entire water column that is saturated with the enticing odor and taste of chum.  ChumBallz do not feed the fish like other chumming methods.  Instead they stimulate the fish through the various scents they release, encouraging a feeding frenzy.  The fish frantically search for food and substantially increase the likelihood of a strike on your line.

  • 11 Year Shelf Life

  • No Smell                    

  •  No Refrigeration

  •  Light Weight

The Fish Come To You!

How Do ChumBallz Work?

Fertilizes Plant Life & Nourishes Ecosystem

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