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  • Easy Twist Off Cap

3.5" H x 1" W

Blue Dream Chromatic

For Use With Chum Ballz

Chum Lure...Our unique loadable lure with state of the art technology for distributing our effervescent

Chum Ballz slick right at the hook! 

  • Perforated For Dispensing Chum Ballz
  • Split Flow Design
  • Sinking 3.4" / sec
  • Weight 1oz

Exclusively Made For GreenKaps By Okuma


  • No Mess


Revolutionary Fish Attractant
  • No Refrigeration
  • Eco Friendly






Twist 1/4 turn to remove fin cap located on the top of the lure.
Place one of the Chum Ballz inside the Chum Lure.
Twist fin cap back on. Straight for normal lure action. Offset for wounded fish action.
Chum Ballz dissolve in three
to five minutes. Replace when needed in Chum Lure.
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