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At Greenkaps we offer a revolutionary fish attractant product, providing our customers with a competitive advantage and a fun experience. Our Chum Ballz are powerfully potent, clean and convenient. No refrigeration required, small and lightweight, they are easily transported for fishing off a boat, kayak, pier or shore.

Chum Ballz in ACTION!


Throw 3-5 Chum Ballz into the water, repeat every ten minutes until fish appear.

Use With Our Chum Lures!

  • Not For Human Consumption

  • Do Not Use In Fish Tanks

  • Store In A Cool Dry Location

Made Exclusively for GreenKaps

by Bactolac Pharmaceutical

*For Use With Chum Lures

Each Chum Ballz Covers Up To 500 Gallons of Water In 5 Minutes. Sinks Up To 150 Ft Deep Covering The Entire Water Column. Concentrated Formula Attracts All Inshore Fish Species.

  • No Mess


Revolutionary Effervescent Fish Attractant! 
  • No Refrigeration
  • All Natural
  • Eco Friendly

3.5" H x 1" W

  • Easy Twist Off Caps
  • Split Flow Design
  • Perforated For Dispensing Chum Ballz
Unique Chum Ballz Dispensing Device
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