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At GreenKaps we offer the most revolutionary fish attractant products on the market, providing our customers with a real competitive advantage.

GreenKap Corp.


Our Chum Ballz have an effervescent concentrated formula to attract all inshore fish that is powerful, convenient, clean and fun. All of our products are made with natural kelp that feeds the underwater ecosystem even after you are done fishing for the day.

Our Chum Lures, exclusively made for us by Okuma, are adjustable, loadable lures that contain a channel system and perforations to allow the Chum Ballz to dissolve and escape, creating a tempting slick for any following fish. We use Mustad hooks to ensure quality for the catch.

As a busy New Yorker, GreenKap Corp founder Aaron Kapner has little time to devote to his favorite hobby, so when he goes fishing, he really wants to catch something! Going home empty handed yet again, Aaron searched for a modern product to increase his success. He realized that in the history of fishing, the only major breakthrough inventions were a pole, a reel, a hook, and smelly, messy fish attractants. Aaron set out to design a new effective attractant product that would be powerfully potent, clean and green, and fun!

Concerned for our future, Aaron wanted his product to be entirely natural, providing only beneficial nutrients to the ecosystem, not unwanted chemicals. He wanted to take away the “yuck” factor of typical baits, chums, and oils, and add an element of fun, a product anyone could enjoy using.

Using conventional fishing knowledge and a little scientific breakthrough, Aaron created a dry-to-the-touch, lightweight, easily transported and stored, concentrated effervescing ball attractant. But what is a state of the art attractant without a matching delivery system? Aaron then developed a revolutionary lure to dispense the chum right where you need it, at the hook! 

After eight years of research and development, we are proud to offer Chum Ballz and Chum Lures. Our new system, used together (for the best advantage,) or separately, gives any fisherman the edge he or she needs to catch more fish!


Chum Ballz are going to bring the fish right to you, whether you are inshore fishing from a boat, kayak, pier or shore. I’ve been working on perfecting this for eight years and can't wait to share Chum Ballz with the world!

-Aaron Kapner

One Ball  Does It  All!

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